Kickstarting the Manhattan Project

A common concern shared by teachers across the disciplines is that our tasks do not prepare students for success in the current, innovation-based economy. One skill becoming increasingly relevant is the ability to crowd-source funding for projects using video and social media. With this in mind, a summative assessment was designed for my Grade 10 / MYP 5 Individuals & Societies students, in which the format of a ‘Kickstarter’ campaign was used to debate the morality of dropping the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima.

Students could crowd-source funding for the Manhattan Project, if they supported the decision to drop the bomb. Alternatively, they could choose to crowd-source funding for the removal of the Enola Gay exhibit at the Air & Space Museum.

Below you will find the MYP Unit Plan, a video created by students, and the Summative description. Hope you find these resources useful!

MYP 5 Unit Plan- Perspective

Kickstarter Video

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